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OK BIT LTD offers a win-win strategy, all interest rates on deposits are fixed, and you are guaranteed to receive the promised profit, no matter what happens in our business. The huge stabilization fund - the result of our many years of work - covers any losses that we only could face in the process of cryptomining and trading. Having more than 10 years of experience in trading by currencies and shares of companies, we have learned not only to rejoice in victories, but also to courageously accept losses that are rather small in comparison with profits. We do everything possible to correctly predict the movement of prices in the market: this is the basis of any effective trade. Our team includes experts from various sectors of the economy.

These are financial managers, professional traders, marketers, trade analysts and employees from the banking system. Such a symbiosis allows us to take care primarily about the safety of your money. If you are our customer, this means that your trust is worth far more than the amount that you have entrusted us to manage! Choosing OK BIT LTD, you choose a successful team that will become your most loyal partner in the stormy sea of financial transactions. It's time to take care of tomorrow - look in there with us and appreciate delicious prospects! What is required of you? Now, to start with, register and make sure how simple and transparent the online revenue system OK BIT LTD offers. Online signup on the website is free - you can begin working with the investment platform immediately after registration.

The minimum deposit is only $6 - the amount acceptable to any category of investors. You can make a deposit using the most acceptable payment method - we accept electronic currencies and, of course, cryptocurrency. Having become acquainted with the terms of cooperation, you will find that we offer several strategies for generating income. Join and feel the ease of investing online! Choose a market leader to avoid financial losses in the future - we will do everything possible so that you will never regret your choice! OK BIT LTD also took care of partners who help develop in other countries. Any of you can count on a reward for attracting new investors. In addition to the offer for investors, on the website you will find the terms of a profitable partner program, which enables you to earn passively by attracting third-party investments. If you know anyone interested in investing online, invite him to join through your link for invitations. This will necessarily be rewarded, because you get an affiliate commission from every deposit made by your referral. Registration in the OK BIT LTD system is free of charge, and the minimum investment threshold will pleasantly surprise you! Join and test our investment product - you will like it! The company is registered in the UK by Companies House:


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OK BIT LTD is a cryptocurrency investment company based in the United Kingdom. Our Corporate Headquarters is located here: 69 Greville St, London, United Kingdom, EC1N 8DA . Registration number of our company - 11399841.

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